Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Playhouse

When I was a little girl, one of my best friends had a playhouse. We spent a lot of time in that house; it had a table and chairs, and some kitchen toys. It also had windows that opened, and a split front door, so that you could open one half at a time.

Our new house came with a playhouse! And it is pretty stinking cute.
This playhouse also has a double decker deck, complete with slide!
The only thing is that this slide has too much kick, so I think we are going to change out the slide... and also modify the railing on the upper deck... yikes!

This is what we are thinking for the new slide:

Kyle also wants a homemade version of one of these (I think we could make a away cooler version):
I can't wait to pick out things for the inside!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The House!

I think I'm going to blog about the yard. It is pretty awesome... I've already started decorating, and Kyle and I went to a local garden store. Our flower gardens already have several perennials, so there isn't too much that we 'have' to do... hopefully we can keep up with it. Bailey seems to like my decor. ;)

This is the patio, and it has some really cool features. For one, the planting is great. It also has a water feature.

Sorry, the water feature isn't running in this photo, but it is a little easier to see:

There is definitely a project spot:

I love the backyard arbor:

The side-yard arbor was home made; I think it needs a little reinforcing:

We have the 2011 food garden off to a start!

Check out the front garden beds:

Kyle is working on the drip system for the plants. I'm going to go see if he needs any help...